Most complement I am getting about my music is how real and complete the sound is, just like a live band. The reason is simple, I DON'T use
drum machines, sequencers, MIDI files or computer generated anything. Just good old fashion man made music. Every instruments played and
recorded in my home studio. Don't like to interpret music, enjoy the challenge to re-create them as close as I can to the originals...   Many thanks
to all the friends and
Victoria, my daughter (on the pic) who chipped in with their incredible vocals on some of the background tracks...
Two Hands - Easy Listening
This CD has 17 great track ranging
from the beautiful melodies of Santana
(Europe & Samba Pa Ti) through
Eagles, Bob Sieger, CCR, Bee Gees
and some old time favorites from Arlo
Guthrie and Johnny Cash etc...
Two Hands - Blues/Rock

Thanks for all the support
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Two Hands CDs
Blues-Funk-Jazz Rock Demo
Modern coctail
music in the styles of George
Benson, Stevie Ray Vaughan,
Joe Satriani,  Garry Moore, Eric
Clapton etc...
You can listen to a sample above
"Blues-funk-Jazz Rock Demo"
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Click here for video.  Samba Pa Ti - Santana
Click here for video. Pride and Joy -SRV